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Our grandson, Jared, celebrated his 16th birthday on August 22nd, 2001. Click here to see a photo from the family get-together we held for him! Click here to see a photo of Jared taken August 22nd, 1987 uttering his first complete phrase at his 2nd birthday party!

The Nachtigall family held it's annual summer picnic on July 28th in Bruce Park in Winnipeg. Although not everyone was able to attend, we had a good turnout. Those that were able to come had a great time: the weather cooperated, there was (surprise!) lots of food, and activities for the young ones. Click here to see a photo from the picnic! Hope to see you there next year!

Our granddaughter, Krista, recently graduated from John Taylor Collegiate in Winnipeg. Krista is industriously working hard at two jobs this summer to help defray costs of the next step in her education: she will be attending the University of Manitoba in the fall. We are very proud of her, and wish her all the best in her continued schooling! Click here to see this lovely young lady's graduation photo!

Our granddaughter, Jenna, graduated from Lakewood Nursery School on June 18th, 2001. Click here to see a picture of Jenna with her robe, mortarboard and sheepskin, taken with her teacher!

Ted and granddaughter Jessica recently celebrated their birthdays (April 3rd and 4th respectively). We held a party (prematurely) on April 1st and snapped this photo with one of Ted's birthday presents: his new digital camera!

We found some old baby photos of our kids. We'll leave it up to you to guess who's who!

Click here to read an excerpt from the book Women of the War Years; a recently published collection of stories inspired by Lydia's childhood experiences!

Click here to read an article from the Winnipeg Free Press about the book!

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